State-operated Schools

There are two State-operated schools with oversight by the New York State Education Department:

New York State School for the Blind (NYSSB)
New York State School for the Deaf (NYSSD)


NYSSB Admissions Process
NYSSD Admissions Process


Bethany Burgess, NYSSB Intake Coordinator, 1-877-NYSSFTB  (1-877-697-7382), ext. 214
David Hubman, NYSSD Superintendent, 1-315-337-8400 ext. 8223
Nondistrict Unit State-operated Email:

STAC Process:

Adding Records:

All State-operated records are added to the STAC Online System by the STAC Unit upon receipt of a completed STAC-1 form signed by the superintendent of the State-operated school and approved by a Regional Associate in the SEQA Nondistrict Unit.

Each State-operated school processes both the 10-Month and 2-Month reapplications for its students that are continuing on in the same placement. Please contact the STAC Unit if a record is missing or inaccurate. Placements at the State-operated schools are public placements and don't require DCERTs to be added.

Accessing Records:

School districts can view their students' State-operated approvals via the DQAPP Approval List (Placement Type DSSOS for 2-Month, DSSSS for 10-Month) or via a DQPRT query. Please note that school districts cannot access these records from a DQCLD child history inquiry.

Verifying Records:

Verification of education and maintenance is handled between the STAC Unit and the State-operated schools as an internal New York State Education Department process. School age 10-Month placements are verified at least twice per school year by each State-operated schools. The District of Residence only verifies summer transportation costs.

Program Responsibility:

2-Month (Summer) Programs:

The District of Residence receives a 20 percent chargeback for State-operated education and maintenance costs. The County of Residence receives a 10 percent chargeback for State-operated maintenance costs. The District of Residence can claim aid for summer transportation costs using the DVST3 online verification screen in EFRT.

10-Month (School Year) Programs:

The District of Admission is responsible for State-operated education costs. Education costs for September through March are deducted from the March Spring advance. The remainder of the September through June education costs are deducted from the June General State Aid payment. The District of Admission then receives Private Excess Cost aid in the following aid year. The County of Admission is billed directly by the
State-operated school for maintenance costs.

4410 Preschool Program:

The New York State School for the Deaf offers a 4410 preschool program.

Terms and Definitions:

District of Residence

The District of Residence is the school district in which the student's parents or legal guardians reside. For the 2-month program, the District of Residence at the inception of the summer program remains the District of Residence for the entire summer program.

District of Admission

The District of Admission is the school district that was responsible when the student was initially placed at the State-operated school.

County of Residence

The County of Residence is the county in which the student's parents or legal guardians reside.

County of Admission

The County of Admission is the county that was responsible when the student was initially placed at the State-operated school.

Last Updated: October 12, 2022