Reapplication Instructions:
Chapter 47, 66, and 721
10-Month Placements (OPWDD)
(Screen DRCHP)

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I. Overview

This screen is used by school districts to re-apply for reimbursement approval for Chapter 10-Month Placements.

Each spring, the STAC/Medicaid Unit issues reapplications based on the current year’s reimbursement approvals. If a student did not have a current year approval on the STAC Online (EFRT) System by the announced date, a reapplication for the subsequent school year would not have been generated. If a reapplication was not generated, the new approval for the upcoming school year must be manually added on DSCHP.

II. Accessing the STAC Online System

  1. Proceed to the STAC Unit website at:
  2. From the navigation menu on the left, click the “EFRT Online Sign-In” link.
  3. Log in using your assigned Usercode and password.

III. Retrieving available reapplications

  1. From the Special Education Main Menu:
    either enter DRCHP in the “GO TO” box located in the top-right corner of the screen and hit Enter on your keyboard
    or select the DMNUR PROCESS A REAPPLICATION MENU option and then select the DRCHP SCHOOL AGE CHAPTER PLACEMENT option from the reapplication menu.
  2. The DRCHP School Age 10 Month Chapter Placement Reapplications screen will load. Select the upcoming school year from the School Year dropdown menu.
  3. Your CSE District SED Code will be pre-filled based on your Usercode.
  4. Click the Get Providers button, and then select a provider from the Education Provider dropdown menu.
DRCHP Screenshot, after the Get Providers button has been clicked but before an Education Provider has been selected from the dropdown.
  1. Click the Get Reapps button.
    • Enter the first 4 letters of Last Name to retrieve specific students or leave blank to retrieve list from beginning.

IV. Submitting reapplication requests

Displayed will be the list of student(s) who generated a reapplication for the education provider you selected. The student’s STAC ID, Name, Education program will be shown. The student list is continuous with up to 10 students displayed on the screen.

DRCHP Screenshot, displaying a list of five students for Eastern Suffolk BOCES. Chapter Type is still default of IRA and no costs have been entered.
  1. To submit reapplications for student(s) on the selected page, check the Reapply box for each student continuing in the same placement.
  2. Select the appropriate Chapter Type: IRA, ICF, DEV, or GRP.
  3. Enter cost values, as explained on next page:
    Annual Rate, Transportation, Administrative and CSE COST fields
    • “Annual Rate” is required for public placements only and should include related services.
  4. Click the Submit button.
    • Once a student has been reapplied for the selected school year, the student will no longer appear on the reapplication list.
    • To view the reimbursement approvals, retrieve each student’s STAC Child Service Profile on the DQCLD screen.
  5. To retrieve a list of students for a different education provider, select a new provider from the Education Provider dropdown and click Get Reapps.

V. Costs for 10-Month Chapter 47 (GRP), 66 (DEV), & 721 (ICF or IRA Placements)

Placement Type Annual Rate Transportation Administrative CSE COST
Chapter 47 - Private
Group Home - GRP
No No Optional Optional
Chapter 47 - Public
Group Home - GRP
Yes No Optional Optional
Chapter 66 - Public
Developmental Ctr - DEV
Yes No Optional Optional
Chapter 721 - Private
No Yes Optional Optional
Chapter 721 - Public
Yes Yes Optional Optional

1 ICF = Intermediate Cara Facility
2 IRA = Individualized Residential Alternative

  • Annual Rate applies to public placements only. It is the 10-month rate for education services after taking into account any year-end refunds for students placed at BOCES.  There is no threshold for Chapter placements.  Related Services costs for Public Chapters 47, 66 and 721 must be included in the Annual Rate amount.
  • Transportation (for the 10-month period) applies only to Chapter 721 ICF and IRA placements (public or private).  Enter the cost of student transportation.
  • Administrative costs may be claimed by the district for public or private placements. Cannot exceed 5% of the cost of education (plus 5% of related services for public placements).
  • CSE COSTs are extraordinary Committee on Special Education costs. These extraordinary costs may apply to public or private placements.  Regular CSE costs should not be claimed, since they should be covered by the Administrative costs claimed by the district.
Last Updated: April 14, 2022