Online Verification of 10-Mo. Private Excess Cost Placements (DVPRV)


A User Guide for School Districts

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I. Overview

This screen is used by school districts to verify program selections, actual dates of enrollment, and FTEs for 10-Month Private Excess Cost Placements.

The following screens work together for 10-Month private placements:

  1. DCERT, for private placement certification
  2. DSPRV, for initial entry of reimbursement claim
  3. DVPRV, to verify actual enrollment after the school year has ended.

II. DVPRV Initial Verification

  1. Log onto the EFRT system.
  2. From the DMNUM Special Education Main Menu, select the DMNUV option
  3. From the DMNUV Online AVL Processing Menu, select the DMNVS option
  4. From the DMNVS School Age Online AVL Processing Menu, select the
  5. On the DVPRV screen, select the appropriate year from the “School Year” dropdown menu. The screen will default to “Unverified” selection.
  6. The CSE District will be pre-filled with your district’s 12-digit BEDS code.
  7. Click the “Get Providers” button. Select a provider from the dropdown menu.
  8. Once a provider has been selected, click the “Get AVL” button.
Screenshot of the top section of the DVPRV screen. The 2021 school year is selected. Summit School is the selected education provider.
  1. Review enrollment information and make sure it is correct:
    a. Do the program codes match the programs the students were enrolled in?
    b. If the student was residential, is the maintenance displayed?
    NOTE: Students in CRP placements (9020 or 9021 education) will not have maintenance listed.
    c. If the student had an education aide, nurse, or interpreter, is the % Aide column displaying the correct percentage?
    d. Do the From and To dates reflect the student’s first day of attendance and last day of attendance? Is the FTE correct?
  2. Hit the “Submit” key after you complete the verification for all students displayed on each DVPRV screen. Otherwise the updates and verifications will not be processed.
    NOTE: If any of the information is incorrect, update the submission on the DSPRV screen before continuing with verification on DVPRV.

III. Reviewing Your Verifications

  1. To view all verified records, select “Verified” in the top-right box and then click the “Get AVL” button.
Screenshot of the full DVPRV screen with three verified records listed. One residential record with a 100 percent aide, one residential record without an aide, and one day record.

IV. DVPRV Re-Verification

Re-verification is required when:
  1. The dates of service (on a verified claim) are amended on the DSPRV screen.
  2. The program code (on a verified claim) is amended on the DSPRV screen.
  3. The education Aide Percentage (on a verified claim) is amended on the DSPRV screen.
  4. A maintenance aide is added by the STAC/Medicaid Unit.
Last Updated: December 14, 2021