Q&A from the GoAnywhere Secure File Transfer Manager Webinar, Jan. 29, 2019

The table below provides the questions with answers that were asked by participants during the Registering, Accessing, and Utilizing the GoAnywhere Secure File Transfer Manger Webinar held on January 29, 2019.

The presentation slides can be found below:


Question Answer
1. We are an approved SED provider of related services, evaluations and SEIS. On the STAC-603 form, “agency type” has three choices: county, school district, BOCES or RIC… Which do we check or is this GoAnywhere system NOT appropriate for us? If your agency cannot be described by one of the three check boxes provided on the form (e.g., SED approved private providers), just leave that part blank.
2. On the STAC Unit website I noticed an “Employees” link that states districts, municipalities and SED approved providers- is THIS form what we would use or the STAC-603? No. The separate links for “Employees” and “Consultants” are for access to the STAC Online System (EFRT). The link at the bottom that says Authorization Form for Access to the STAC GoAnywhere (FTP) Site is where you'll find the form to register for GoAnywhere access.
3. If all those with passwords from our county can view everything, they will have access to all things we send. I would prefer to send things like birth certificates directly to you in an encrypted email. Encrypted email is still a valid method for submitting documentation containing personally identifiable information.
4. Can you review one more time the difference between the STAC online tab and the Go Anywhere tab… What we will use each for… This is for a CPSE, a 4410 provider, others? The STAC Online System (EFRT) is used to submit requests for reimbursement and view payment and program information. The GoAnywhere Secure File Transfer Manager is a platform that allows for the secure correspondence between the STAC Unit and other authorized users.
5. What is the exact web site to log in to my account for GoAnywhere? https://sedftm.nysed.gov/webclient/Login.xhtml
6. I'm new to this system. Will I need a registration or ID for the STAC system in addition to the GoAnywhere ID? No, access to the STAC Online System (EFRT) is not requisite for access to GoAnywhere. However, you would need access to both systems to take advantage of the “Send File to GoAnywhere” function on the DQAPP screen--this sends a printable PDF version of a selected approval listing to your GoAnywhere folder.
7. So, the STAC Unit would prefer us to use GoAnywhere instead of faxing for anything with PII? Yes. GoAnywhere is the preferred mode of submission.
8. I wanted to print a file from STAC the other day but it did not have the GoAnywhere button on the screen. In that case how do we get a copy of that file in GoAnywhere? (the file in this case was the CPSE listing) Only the DQAPP screen (Agency Approval Lists) features the “Send File to GoAnywhere Button”.
9. Is there a list of all registered users in my district? There is no publicly available list that details registered users by district, but one could be provided upon request.
10. School districts email the county with PII, can we use Go Anywhere to do this now instead of email? No. GoAnywhere is explicitly for correspondence between the STAC Unit and other authorized users.
11. For a County that also runs a 4410 preschool, should there be separate log-ins for muni vs program staff, if the BEDS code is the same? No. While there will be a different shared folder for the Department of Social Services (DSS) and Preschool sections, the same username and password would be used to access both shared folders. Preschool folders will be labeled with STACXXXX, where XXXX is the first four letters of the county name. DSS folders will be labeled by STAC############, where STAC is followed by the full twelve-digit SED code.
12. Are Pre-k error files coming from SED to NYC going to be sent thru GoAnywhere? No.
13. How will we know when payment information is ready to be viewed and printed? Notifications will be posted on the STAC Unit homepage whenever a new report has been sent out to GoAnywhere.
14. Is this going to be how all preschool STACs are submitted? And if so when will this happen? Preschool STACs will continue to be processed as they were prior to the implementation of GoAnywhere.
15. We are a NYS charter school. Are we able to register for this? No. GoAnywhere is explicitly for correspondence between the STAC Unit and authorized users--charter schools do not request reimbursement through the STAC Unit.
16. May we still send in 202's through email? STAC-202s (Homeless Designation Forms) can still be submitted via email, so long as the email itself or the attachment is encrypted with a password and the password is sent in a separate email.
17. Will all users in my district have access to the same shared folders? In other words, if someone else in my district uploads 202s to the STAC unit will I see the file when I log on? Yes, all users from your district will have access to the same shared folder with the same contents.
18. Will we be able to use this for out-of-state STACs currently submitted by mai? Out-of-State STACs will continue to be submitted by mail as they still require Non-District Unit approval.
19. How do we know when something is in the outbasket? GoAnywhere does not provide any notification when something has been uploaded to the inbasket or outbasket. When a new report has been added to your outbasket, there will be a corresponding announcement on the STAC Unit homepage. Alternatively, if an individual as uploaded something to the outbasket, s/he will send a notification to the intended recipient that the file is available to download.
20. As a provider, are we able to utilize this system to submit McGuiness billing vouchers to our County agent? No. The GoAnywhere Secure File Transfer Manager is explicitly for correspondence between the STAC Unit and other authorized users.
21. Regarding STAC-5 forms, we are a preschool and only use STAC-5 forms which are mailed to the school district. Do we need to register for GoAnywhere? No. The GoAnywhere Secure File Transfer Manager is explicitly for correspondence between the STAC Unit and other authorized users.
Last Updated: June 21, 2022