Q&A from the Session 1 - Introduction to School Age STAC Processing Webinar, Oct. 7, 2021

The table below provides the questions with answers that were asked by participants during the "Introduction to School Age STAC Processing" session of the Fall 2021 STAC Workshop Webinar that was held on October 7, 2021.

The presentation slides can be found below:


Question Answer
1. If a student moves from one school district to another, will the new district be able to see the STAC ID if they have had a STAC ID already at the other district? Only STAC IDs associated with the school district will be listed on DCHSR when the school district searches on the student's information. This safeguard is to protect the personally identifiable information of students. If it is likely that the student already has a STAC ID, please call the STAC/Medicaid Unit. We can check for you, and provide you with the STAC ID if one exists.

2. Homeless liaisons have been advised not to create new STAC IDs so as to reduce the risk of creating duplicates. Is this still the recommendation?

Yes. If you don't know the STAC ID for a Homeless student, leave the STAC ID blank on the STAC-202. We will look it up or create it when the eligibility record is entered into the STAC Online (EFRT) System.

3. How do we correct student information if it had been entered incorrectly? To revise incorrect or outdated student information:
  1. Complete a Child Information Change Form.
  2. Upload it to the "inbasket" on the SED File Transfer Manager.
  3. Send an email to OMSSTAC@nysed.gov. In the subject line, indicate that a Child Information Change Form has been uploaded. In the body of the email, include the school district or municipality submitting the form, the filename of the PDF, and school district or municipality folder on the SED File Transfer Manager (ex. STACALBA for Albany County or STAC010100 for Albany City SD).
4. Does the superintendent need to reauthorize all STAC users annually? If so, what is the deadline and what is the procedure? Yes. Each superintendent needs to reauthorize the STAC Users for the school district on an annual basis. A memo is mailed out each fall to all of the superintendents with their login information and instructions for completing the process. Any user not reauthorized by January 15th will be suspended. Municipality users must be reauthorized by the municipality representative, and users at SED-approved providers must be reauthorized by their executive director.
5. For High Cost Public, what should be reported on the DCPUB or DCPOD high cost worksheet if the amounts billed by the outside providers doesn't match the IEP? School districts should report the lesser of the IEP recommendation or the services actually provided. Services cannot be claimed in excess of the CSE's recommendation on the student's IEP.
6. If the STAC/Medicaid Unit makes changes to a DCPUB or DCPOD High Cost Worksheet as a result of its review, is the school district notified? No. However, an explanation of any changes made by the STAC/Medicaid Unit can be found in the SED Use Only section at the bottom of the High Cost Worksheet.
7. Are school districts ever responsible for entering claims for students who have been appointed by the Commissioner to a §4201 State-supported school? School districts are responsible for submitting 10-month reapplications on the DRSSY screen for students continuing in the same placement at a §4201 State-supported school.
8. Microsoft will be ending support soon for Internet Explorer. What replacement will the State use? The STAC/Medicaid Unit is actively working with SED ITS on a solution to account for the functionality that is currently exclusive to Internet Explorer. A new browser recommendation will be available once that work has been completed.
Last Updated: December 14, 2021