Values Returned to Sending County


Below is a list of fields on the STAC-5 transaction file that may be returned to you with values different than what you sent:

  1. EVL-TR-STAC-ID alpha 6, columns 01-06.
    For any successful match made to the STAC system, the STAC-ID will be returned to you. This may be a newly generated STAC-ID or an existing STAC-ID. Even records that errored out may include a STAC-ID, depending upon where in the process the error occurred. NOTE: If you send STAC a STAC-ID that is determined to be incorrect based on the name and DOB you have sent, it is possible that a STAC-ID different than the one you sent will be returned to you
  2. EVL-TR-NUM-EVAL alpha 2, columns 07-08.
    Any successful new add will mean a new value in this field. It will be a numeric number from 01 through 99, though anything over 10 is extremely unlikely.
  3. EVL-TR-DOB alpha 6, columns 47-54.
    If it is determined the DOB you send to STAC is not correct, then STAC will return on the file the DOB stored on STAC’s database. Since the DOB is critical to program placement, we must send to you the DOB that we use to make this determination.
  4. EVL-TR-REC-STATUS alpha 2, columns 75-76.
    Will have the value “00” for a successful add or change, or something other than “00” for an error. See error messages for a listing of these values.
  5. EVL-TR-OLAP-NUM-EVL alpha 2, columns 496-497
    (EVL-TR-STAC-ID).”, then the field EVL-TR-OLAP-NUM-EVL will contain the 2 digit NUM-EVL for the Evaluation-Record that already exists on the system.





Last Updated: August 2, 2017