2009-2010 Budget Summary: Cultural Education

Program Office Description

The State Library, State Museum, State Archives and the Public Broadcasting Program comprise the Office of Cultural Education.  These institutions are responsible for increasing the knowledge and information resources of State and local government, businesses, and individuals.  The Office supports research, operates programs and develops collections that serve the long-term interests of the institutions and residents of New York.

Cultural Education provides services directly to individuals and government at the New York State Library, the State Archives and the State Museum. Cultural Education also provides statewide services and leadership for over 10,000 local libraries, archives and historical records repositories, museums, public broadcasting stations and other cultural institutions.  Cultural Education also distributes aid to libraries and library systems, local governments and public broadcasting stations and provides instructional television services through the Public Broadcasting Program.

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Total 2008-2009 -- $194.6 Million

Program Office Goals

  1. Educators and students will use cultural resources as a tool to fulfill curriculum and assessment goals and support lifelong learning.
  2. All cultural institutions in New York will meet high performance standards.
  3. Cultural institution professionals in New York will be current with best practices in their fields and increasingly will reflect the diversity of New York.
  4. Cultural information and resources will be available and accessible to all people.
  5. Resources under our care will be securely and professionally maintained for current and long-term use by the people of New York.
  6. Our work environment will meet high standards.


The Office of Cultural Education ensures that valuable information, knowledge and collections are available now and in the future.  It does this by operating New York’s State Archives, State Library, State Museum and the Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting and helping related institutions.

Key Results

Performance Measure – Office of Cultural Education

Goal:          Create a permanent New York State Digital Collection for all New Yorkers.
Measure:     The annual number of searches conducted using the New York State Digital Collection.
Baseline:     The annual number of searches of one existing component of the proposed New York State Digital Collection, the Statewide Internet Library, was 29.6 million for July 2007 through June 2008.
Target:        By June 2012, if permanent State investment begins in 2009, New Yorkers will have available to them a permanent New York State Digital Collection. The number of annual searches will increase to 50 million.

Performance Measure – Archives

Goal:          Increase the number of archival digital images available to the public, teachers and students through the OCE digital collection
Measure:     The annual number of digital images of archival collections
Baseline:     The number of images as of April 2008 was 80,857.
Target:        By March 31, 2009, 85,587 images will be available in the Archives digital collections.

Performance Measure – Library

Goal:          Increase participation in the Statewide Summer Reading Program.
Measure:     The annual number of participants.
Baseline:     1.35 million participants in 2007.
Target:        By 2010, the annual number of participants will increase to 1.5 million.

Performance Measure - Museum

Goal:          Increase the annual number of visitors to the State Museum
Measure:     The annual number of visitors
Baseline:     The average annual visitation between 1998 and 2008 was 675,000.
Target:        By 2010, after completion of the Museum renewal, the annual number of visitors will be 800,000.

Performance Measure - Public Broadcasting

Goal:          Increase the number of teachers using public broadcasting in the classroom
Measure:     The number of teachers using public broadcasting in the classroom
Baseline:     In fiscal year 2007-2008, 167,302 teachers were registered users of the available digital resources, a 23% increase over 2006-2007.
Target:        The number of teachers using public broadcasting in the classroom will increase by 10 percent per year.

Cultural Education - State Operations

Cultural Education - Aid to Localities

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Last Updated: March 4, 2009