Grants Finance works with State Education Department offices to administer State and federal grant programs. Grants Finance is responsible for the financial management of grants awarded to local agencies, and other SED offices are responsible for ensuring that the activities funded by the grants are planned and implemented appropriately. For information regarding grant program requirements, please refer to the grant application and supporting documents or to the program contact listed on the grant award notice.

04/14/14 – Final Expenditure Reports/FS-10-F Long Forms Required: The 2013-14 project year will be the last year that SED will be accepting FS-10-F Short Forms to close-out grants and/or grant-contracts.  The FS-10-F Long Form must be used to report/document actual, final project expenditures beginning with the 2014-15 project year and moving forward.  Since local agencies must maintain internal records of expenditure details in a manner consistent with the internal pages of the FS-10-F Long Form, even when previously using the FS-10-F Short Form, it is SED’s expectation that local agencies should be able to easily transition to using the FS-10-F Long Form exclusively.

04/03/14 - Final Allocations for 2013-14 Title I, Parts A and D:  Each year, the Department revises preliminary Title I allocations to LEAs. The final set of 2013-14 Title I allocations is now available. LEAs are strongly encouraged to review their NCLB allocation reports to determine if changes to their Title I programs and budgets are required. Please note that an LEA's 2013-14 Title I expenditures cannot exceed the "Total Available" amount now listed on that LEA's 20013-14 NCLB allocation report. For questions about the allocation reports, please contact Grants Finance. Questions regarding computation of the Title I allocations should be directed to the Title I School & Community Services office at

8/9/13 - NYS Grants Gateway:  Not-for-Profit vendors, including Charter Schools, that have recently applied or intend to apply for a grant opportunity with SED are required to register in the NYS Grants Gateway and submit the necessary documentation for vendor prequalification.  All potential grantees may register in the Grants Gateway and sign-up in the Grant Opportunity Portal to receive electronic notification of upcoming and current grant opportunities within NYS.  Additional information about this new Statewide requirement is available at  

7/15/13 - 2013-14 Indirect Cost Rates: Chief Administrative Officers will soon receive letters notifying them of their agency's 2013-2014 maximum indirect cost rates.  The rates for school districts and BOCES are calculated using ST-3 and SA-111 data for the school year ending June 30, 2012.  The rate for all charter schools and not for profit community-based organizations is 2.6%.  The rate for colleges and universities is 8%.  Charter schools and not for profit CBOs may request a higher rate, up to 8%, by completing the FS-87-R form, available by contacting Grants Finance.  All requests must be received by February 28, 2014.  Additional information about indirect costs is available in the Fiscal Guidelines and in Frequently Asked Questions.  Please direct questions to Grants Finance.

5/28/13 - FAQ on Appropriate use of Federal Funds for Conferences and Meetings: US Department of Education recently published Frequently Asked Questions to Assist ED Grantees to Appropriately Use Federal Funds for Conferences and Meetings - posted May 2013

2/21/13 - Agency Registration in the Federal System for Award Management: Beginning in 2013, an agency must obtain a DUNS number and register in the federal System for Award Management (SAM) in order to be awarded federal funds.  Failure to register in SAM or to renew the registration annually may delay the awarding and/or payment of federal funds from the Department.  Please go to for more information.

8/7/12 - Final Expenditure Reports For ARRA Grants: As noted in previous guidance, the FS-10-F Long Form must be used for all grants funded by ARRA except for the Education Jobs Fund and Race to the Top. (Final expenditure reports for 2011-12 EdJobs and RTTT are to be submitted online at Since local agencies must maintain internal records of expenditure details in a manner consistent with the internal pages of the FS-10-F Long Form even when using the FS-10-F Short Form, those that sent in final expenditure reports on FS-10-F Short Forms should be able to readily resubmit FS-10F Long Forms.


Last Updated: April 14, 2014