Grants Finance works with State Education Department offices to administer State and federal grant programs. Grants Finance is responsible for the financial management of grants awarded to local agencies, and other SED offices are responsible for ensuring that the activities funded by the grants are planned and implemented appropriately. For information regarding grant program requirements, please refer to the grant application and supporting documents or to the program contact listed on the grant award notice.

3/27/2017 - a new excel version of the FS-25 - 'Request for Funds for a Federal or State Project' is now available under Forms.  The new version corrects a formulaic error that was present in the prior version.

8/30/16 - 2016-2017 Indirect Cost Rates: Chief Administrative Officers will soon receive letters notifying them of their agency's 2016-2017 maximum indirect cost rates.  The rates for school districts and BOCES are calculated using ST-3 and SA-111 data for the school year ending June 30, 2015.  The rate for all charter schools and not for profit community-based organizations is 2.6%.  The rate for colleges and universities is 8%.  Charter schools and not for profit CBOs may request a higher rate, up to 8%, by completing the FS-87-R form, available by contacting Grants FinanceAll requests must be received by January 27, 2017.  Additional information about indirect costs is available in the Fiscal Guidelines and in Frequently Asked Questions.  Please direct questions to Grants Finance.

8/30/16 – 2015-16 Federal/State Grant Payments – End of the Year Report: The 2015-16 year-end fiscal reports for Categorical Grants are now available. To review school specific data, select “Reports” then enter BEDS code or SED code.  If neither of these codes are known, select a county and then select the agency and click on the 2015-16 Federal and State Grant Payments End-of -Year Report.  For Child Nutrition and State Aid payments please see the instructions on the Auditor's Notice for Year End 6/30/16. Auditor's Notice for Year End 6/30/16.

4/19/16 - IMPORTANT REMINDER - All of the forms for Budgets (FS-10), Amendments (FS-10-A), Requests for Payments (FS-25) and Final Expenditure Reports (FS-10-F) were updated last year to reflect the new certification language required under the Federal Uniform Guidance (a.k.a Omni Circular). If your office has either paper or electronic forms from prior to March 2015, please discard them and use the updated forms located at NYSED Grants Finance - Forms.


Last Updated: July 24, 2017