Estimated County Chargeback Report Cover Letter

To: County Fiscal Officer
From: Sheila Costa, Education Finance Specialist 2
Date: September 12, 2017
Subject: 2016-17 Estimated County Chargeback – Section 4408 of Education Law pdf file

Section 4408 of Education Law requires that a student’s county of residence contribute 10% of the approved cost of July/August special education services provided to children with disabilities who are five through twenty-one years of age and eligible for such services pursuant to Articles 85, 87, 88, or 89 of the Education Law.

Enclosed is a report that lists the 2016-17 STAC approval records for such services as of September 11, 2017. This report will be helpful in estimating the amount of the 2016-17 chargeback that will be provided to you on a similar "verified" chargeback report to be issued in March 2018. The “verified” chargeback report will reflect approved services actually rendered and will include multiple years, most of which has been previously collected.

The county chargeback will be accomplished by reducing the Section 4410 AVL reimbursement due your county for 2017-18 preschool services. We anticipate processing the county chargeback in Spring 2018 when State funds become available.

If you have questions regarding the 10% chargeback process or the students whose names appear on the enclosed chargeback report, please contact Bob Wojtkiewicz at the STAC and Medicaid Unit: (518) 474-7116 or


Last Updated: September 12, 2017