New DVCHP On-Line Verification Screen - Verification Deadline 2/15/19

TO: Superintendent of Schools or Official State Aid Designee January 31, 2019
FROM: Edwin Truax, Associate in School Business Management
SUBJECT: 2017-18 School Year Chapter 47, 66, and 721 Program
New DVCHP On-Line Verification Screen - Verification Deadline 2/15/19
2017-18 10-Month Chapter Payment Report 1 to be Run by 2/20/19
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The DVCHP (District Verify 10-Month Chapter Screen) includes all OPWDD Chapter 47 (Group or Family Care Home), Chapter 66 (Developmental Center), and Chapter 721 (Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) or Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) students approved on STAC for the 2017-18 school year. 

On the DVCHP screen, you must verify information by educational provider.  There is a single verification box for you to confirm each student’s Education Dates, Education Rate, Transportation Cost, Administrative Cost and/or CSE Cost. If any of the items is incorrect, prior to verification your district needs to amend the student record on the DQCLD (Child Profile Screen). When you are on the DQCLD screen, select the appropriate record for the 2017-18 school year, go into CHANGE mode, and make the needed amendments.  Only after these amendments have been made, should you proceed to verify that student on the DVCHP screen.

If a student does not appear on the 2017-18 DVCHP screen for an educational provider, you need to add a 2017-18 STAC Approval for that student using the DSCHP screen.  After the new STAC has been added, the student will display on the DVCHP and may be verified and included on Payment #1, which we plan to run by 2/20/19.

DVCHP Verification Suggestions
            We recommend that when you first go into the DVCHP screen, that you print out the unverified DVCHP screen for each educational provider.  Next you should check the cost fields currently approved, noting any changes which may need to be made for selected students.  After you make the amendments on each child’s DQCLD screen, you then can return to the DVCHP screen and verify all the students for that educational provider.  You would repeat these steps for each educational provider on the DVCHP screen.  Your 10-Month Annualized Cost Education Rates will need to be amended based on the 2017-18 BOCES Year-End Final Cost Reports recently sent to districts.  Administrative Costs may not exceed 5% of the educational cost, so that field may need to change when you amend the BOCES education rates.

Please complete your DVCHP verifications by no later than 2/15/19.  If you need assistance, feel free to contact the STAC and Medicaid Unit and ask for Robert Wojtkiewicz or Edwin Truax at 518-474-7116.  


Last Updated: December 13, 2021