EFH277 Student Listings for 1718 Verified Approvals Memo

August 16, 2019
TO: Official State Aid Designee
FROM: Edwin Truax, Associate in School Business Management
SUBJECT: 2017-18 Private and High Cost Public Verified STAC Student Backup for
Aidable Excess Cost Calculated on 2018-19 Private Excess Cost Aid Output (PRI) and 2018-19 Public Excess Cost & Excess Cost Aid Set-aside Output Reports (PUB)
STAC Student Backup Data Frozen 7/26/19 on 2018-19 PUB and PRI
pdf file

Two EFH277 reports listing 2017-18 private and high cost public placement student service dates and costs verified on STAC were placed in your district’s "outbasket" in the SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) on 08/15/2019.  Both reports list students alphabetically within each educational provider.  The 2017-18 FTE enrollment and costs were used to calculate the 2018-19 PUB and PRI Aidable Excess Cost at the child, provider, and district levels.

From https://eservices.nysed.gov/publicsams, please have your Business Office print a copy of your district’s 2018-19 PUB and PRI reports to keep on file with the EFH277 student backup reports placed in your FTM outbasket. These PUB and PRI reports reflect 2017-18 enrollment year verified STAC enrollment dates and costs frozen on 7/26/19.  The student detail backup for the 2018-19 PUB and PRI is displayed on the enclosed EFH277 STAC 2017-18 High Cost Public and 10-Month Private verified student backup reports.  The EFH277 reports were run on 8/15/19, so any differences between the Aidable Excess Cost Totals displayed at the end of the EFH277 reports and the 2017-18 PUB Line 7 "Aidable High Cost" and 2018-19 PRI Line 12 "Total Aidable Excess Cost" should be negligible.

A sample High Cost Apportionment Aid calculation for a public placement can be found at:
A sample Private Excess Cost Aid calculation for a private placement can be found at:

The PUB Line 7 Aidable High Cost is multiplied by the PUB Line 4 Public Excess Cost Aid Ratio to get the Line 8 High Cost Apportionment Aid for a public placement, and the PRI Line 12 Aidable Excess Cost is multiplied by the PRI Line 8 Private Excess Cost Aid Ratio to get the PRI Line 13 Private Excess Cost Aid for a private placement.

Keep copies of the 2017-18 STAC student detail backup reports together with the August 2019 copy of the 2018-19 PUB and PRI reports printed out by your Business Office in your permanent file for the 2018-19 State Aid Year.. If you have questions about the enclosed student listings, contact the STAC and Medicaid Unit at 518-474-7116 and ask for Edwin Truax, Kelly Mason, or Adam Lenhardt.

Last Updated: December 13, 2021