Reapplication Instructions-
Public High Cost Ten-Month Placements
(Screen DRPUB)


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Public High Cost 10 Month Placements
Reapplication Instructions
Screen (DRPUB)

This screen is used by school districts to re-apply for reimbursement approval for Public High Cost 10-Month Placements. Each April, the STAC and Medicaid Unit issues reapplications based on the current year’s reimbursement approvals. If a student did not have an approval on the STAC database by April 1, a reapplication for the subsequent school year cannot be generated. Students without an approval on the system by April 1 require a full application. Listed below are instructions to retrieve and submit reapplication requests.

Note – When a 10-month, public high cost student receives services from both their district and a BOCES, please STAC this student as a BOCES placement (incorporating the costs of both placements). If the student shows up in your in-district list, do not reapp him or her. Instead, add a new record on DSPUB.

To retrieve the Public High Cost reapplication screen:

  • Enter DRPUB in the "GO TO" box located at the top right hand corner of the screen or select the screen from the reapplication menu.
  • Press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
DRPUB Screenshot, after the Get Providers button has been clicked but before an Education Provider has been selected from the dropdown

To retrieve your district’s Public High Cost reapplication:

  • Select School Year.
  • CSE District will be displayed.
  • Click on Get Providers.
  • Choose Provider from the list.
  • Click on Get Reapps.
  • Enter the first 4 letters of Last Name to retrieve specific students or leave blank to retrieve list from beginning.

Displayed will be the list of student(s) who generated a reapplication for the education provider you entered. The student’s STAC ID, Name, Education program will be shown. The student list is continuous with 10 students displayed on the screen.

DRPUB Screenshot, displaying the list of student(s) for a particular provider

To Reapply for student(s) on the selected page:

  • Check the Reapply box for each continuing student.
  • Enter the anticipated 10-Month Annualized Cost in "Annualized Cost" box (including the decimal point-ex "28985."). Please note: The 1:1 aide cost should be included as part of the annualized cost. Do not submit a 1:1 aide request form for a student in a 10-month public placement.
  • Click on Submit.

When complete, the student(s) not selected will remain on the reapplication list.

  • To view the reimbursement approvals, retrieve the Profile of Services screen DQCLD.
  • To retrieve a list of students for a different education provider, select a new provider from the list and click Get Reapps.
  • To return to the main menu enter DMNUM or type HOME in the "Go to" box.

Note – Districts are not able to "reap" a STAC approval on the DRPUB screen if the 10-month annualized cost is more than $3,000 below the district’s threshold. The district will receive an error message.  If the district wants to add a 10-month, public STAC approval which is more than $3,000 below the district’s threshold, the district will need to add the approval on the DSPUB screen.

Last Updated: April 25, 2019