Online Instructional Guides for Navigating the System and EFRT Screens

Below are PDF links to the Instructional Guides for help in entering and amending approvals and navigating throughout EFRT's online screens.

Introductory Topics
  XTEND – Guide for District/County Verification of Online Users
  Generic Online Access Manual for New Users    
  Guide for STAC Online System -- Notes and Shortcuts    
  DCHSR – Searching for and Assigning STAC IDs Last Updated: November 2015
  DSRWD - Guide for Withdrawing STAC Service Approvals    
  Guide for Providers to Make Program Date Changes    
  DQAPP - Listing of STAC Approvals for a particular year    
  DSPRE - Center-base Reimbursement Approvals    
  DSEVL - Evaluation Reimbursement Approvals    
  DSSEI - SEIT/Related Services Reimbursement Approvals    
  AVL Processing    
School Age
  DCERT - Private Placement Certification(pre-approval)    
  DSPRV - Private Excess Cost (10 month)    
  DSPUB - Public Excess Cost (10 month)    
  DSUMR - Special Class Approval (2 month)    
  DSSRS - Related Serv/Specially Designed Instruction (2 month)
  DSCSM - OPWDD Chapter (2 month)    
  DSCHP - OPWDD Chapter (10 month)    
  DSHOM - Non-Resident Homeless (10 month)    
  DSINC - Incarcerated Youth Approvals (12 month)    
  DVPUB - Public Excess Cost (10 month)    
  DVSSY - State-supported (4 month & 10 month) Last Updated: March 2017
  DRPRV - Private Excess Cost (10 month) Last Updated: April 2017
  DRPUB - Public Excess Cost (10 month) Last Updated: April 2017
  DRSUM - Special Class Approval (2 month) Last Updated: April 2017
  DRCSM - OPWDD Chapter (2 month) Last Updated: April 2017
  DRCHP - OPWDD Chapter (10 month) Last Updated: April 2017
Last Updated: November 7, 2017