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The STAC Unit (System to Track and Account for Children), within the NYS Education Department's STAC and Medicaid Unit, is responsible for processing requests for Commissioner's approval for reimbursement. This includes reimbursement approval for the costs of providing services to preschool and school-age students placed in special education programs. It also includes reimbursement approval for students who have been determined to be homeless or runaway youth and for education services provided to incarcerated youth.

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Reminder-STAC Online Verification Deadlines for Upcoming 2016 Payments

Please verify all 4408 summer education/maintenance approvals, including those approvals which currently have a $0.00 education rate. Once education/maintenance approvals have been verified (including those with $0.00 education rates), then verify the corresponding transportation costs. Verify all 4201 transportation costs at this time as well.

Please check the Gold Star report to see your verification status as of 02/01/16. All summer 4408 and 4201 education/maintenance and transportation approvals should be verified by no later than deadlines listed in the Verification Deadlines chart to be included in the upcoming 4408 and 4201 payments.

Gold Star Report
STAC Online Verification Deadlines Chart


Gold Star - Online Verification Status Report
(Updated February 1, 2016 -- Next Update March 4, 2016)


Online Verification for 2014-15 ten-month High Cost Public In-District, Other District, and BOCES placements

The online verification screen (DVPUB) is now open for verification for all 2014-15 ten-month High Cost Public In-District, Other District, and BOCES placements. Verification should be completed by March 15, 2016. See links below to memo and additional DVPUB information:

2014-15 DVPUB Memo  

DVPUB-Online Instruction Guide   

DVPUB-Signature Form  

2014-15 BOCES Year-End Report Table      


4201 – 4 mo. Online Verification for State-supported School Placements

To receive tuition reimbursement for the September - December 2015 period, school districts must verify STAC records for students enrolled at §4201 State-supported schools using the DVSSY screen on the STAC Online System.  Online verification must be completed by June 1, 2016 to receive reimbursement during the current school year.

Click here for a list of the eleven State-supported schools across the State of New York.  This verification process does not apply to the two State-operated schools located in Rome and Batavia.

Instructions for verification using the DVSSY screen are available on the STAC unit website: State-supported Placement Online Verification Guide.

Should you need any further information, please contact Paula Cooper of the STAC and Medicaid Unit at: paula.cooper@nysed.gov or 518-486-1979.

STAC Online Verification Deadlines for Upcoming 2016 Payments

To be included in the February Approved Payment Reports, which will be paid prior to the end of March 2016, please verify online the following education/maintenance and/or transportation reimbursement approvals as per the chart below.

STAC Online Verification Deadlines


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Last Updated: February 8, 2016