Children’s Residential Project (CRP) Tuition Aid for the 2010-11 and/or the 2011-12 School Years

DATE: February 2013
TO: Superintendent of School Districts or Official Designee
FROM: Edwin Truax, Associate in School Financial Aid
SUBJECT: Children’s Residential Project (CRP) Tuition Aid for the 2010-11 and/or the 2011-12 School Years pdf file

Effective 7/1/06 the following private schools began billing the placing school districts directly for tuition costs for students enrolled in their Children's Residential Project (CRP) Programs: Anderson Center for Autism; Brookville Center for Children's Services; Devereux in New York; Developmental Disabilities Institute; Maryhaven Center of Hope; UCP of Ulster County; UCP of Utica; UCP – Association of Greater Suffolk Inc.; UCP Sullivan Diagnostic Treatment Center (The Center for Discovery, Inc.); starting 2010-11 are Birch Family Services, Inc; Heartshare Education Center; Sco Family Of Services/T Paplin Sch and starting 2011 12 is Easter Seals NY.

Enclosed you will find one or two CRP Approved Payment Reports (APRs). For the 2011-12 school year the APR aids 100% of the tuition cost for each CRP student for your district for the 9/1/11 – 6/30/12 school year. For the 2010-11 school year the APR reflects rate changes in certain CRP programs for students originally aided last year.

State Aid records payments for the CRP students as if they were Chapter 721 Aid 100% payments, so both the payments for 2010-11 and/or 2011-12 both should be recorded under ST-3 Revenue Code A3104. On the State Aid website, the 2011-12 payment is listed in the Payment Certificate Section as “2011-12 Tuition Payment CRP based on a Cash Advance”. The payment for 2010-11 is listed as “2010-11 Tuition Aid Chapter 47/66/721 based on the APR dated 2/04/13”.

Please contact Robert Wojtkiewicz for questions on filing STACs for CRP students or contact Edwin Truax for questions on CRP tuition reimbursement at ST AC, Special Aids, and Medicaid Unit, 89 Washington Avenue, Room 514 EB, Albany, New York 12234 at (518) 474-7116.


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