Summer Section 4408 Related Services (9015 Program)

If a student is in a Special Class with other students, the student should be claimed on the DSUMR screen. Reimbursement on DSUMR will be capped at the approved tuition rate.

If the student is not in a Special Class with other students, specially designed instruction and related services may be claimed on the DSSRS screen. Reimbursement is based on the number of half-hour sessions, prorated by the group size.

The following programs are utilized on the DSSRS screen:

  1. Related Services Only (9015-A)
  2. Specialized Instruction Only (9015-B)
  3. Specialized Instruction with Related Services (9015-C)
  4. Home/Hospital Instruction (9015-D)

A school district or SED-approved education provider may be approved for some or all of these 9015 programs. STAC the student in the program that most closely fits the student’s needs. You can only enter one STAC for each summer.

Specially Designed Instruction

Specialty Designed Education is defined in Part 200.1(vv) of the Regulations of the Commissioner:

Specially-designed instruction means adapting, as appropriate to the needs of an eligible student under this Part, the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction to address the unique needs that result from the student's disability; and to ensure access of the student to the general curriculum, so that he or she can meet the educational standards that apply to all students.

Related Services

Costs which may be claimed in the Related Services section of the DSSRS screen:

  1. Speech Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Physical Therapy
  4. Nurse Services
  5. Vision Services
  6. Counseling Services
  7. Audiological Therapy
  8. Psychological Therapy
  9. Social Work
  10. Job Coaching (claim as Other)
  11. Other1

Costs which cannot be claimed on the DSSRS screen:

  1. Evaluations
  2. CSE Costs
  3. Administrative Costs
  4. “Home Instruction” or “Home-Based Services”2
  5. 1:1 Aides

If the student has more than one type of OT, PT, SP, there is an Occupational Therapy 2, a Physical Therapy 2, and a Speech 2. Please make sure group and individual are separated when entering the STAC.

1 If you are not sure whether a service is aidable as “Other”, please contact the STAC/Medicaid Unit.
2 Students receiving services at home or at a hospital should be claimed using program 9015-D. The services recommended by the CSE on the student’s IEP should be clear and specific like they are for school-based services.
Last Updated: March 22, 2022