2021-22 Reapplications Memo

To: Directors of Special Education
From: Adam Lenhardt, Education Finance Specialist 2
Date: April 2021
Subject: 2021/22 STAC Reapplications for School Age Students with Disabilities pdf file

Each April, the STAC Unit generates reapplication records for the upcoming school year based on current year reimbursement approval records.  For students who will be continuing in the same placement for the upcoming school year, school districts can save considerable time and effort by accessing the reapplication records in the STAC Online (EFRT) System.

If a student did not have a 2020/21 approval record in the STAC system as of March 26, 2021, a reapplication record for the 2021/22 school year was not generated. In these cases, school districts will need to manually add approval records on an individual basis using the various service approval screens.

Online instructions for utilizing the reapplication screens, and for adding individual service approvals when reapplications are not available, can be found at:

Reapplication records are available for students who had 2020/21 school year approval records on the STAC system as of March 26, 2021 for the following school age placement types:

  • § 4405 Education Law – 10-Month Private Excess Cost Placements
    For September-June Private Excess Cost Reapplications, please utilize the DRPRV screen.
  • § 4408 Education Law – July/August Placements
    For July/August Summer § 4408 Reapplications, please utilize the DRSUM screen
  • § 3602 Education Law – 10-Month Public Excess Cost Placements
    For September-June High Cost Public Reapplications, please utilize the DRPUB screen
    NOTE: Districts will not be able to “reap” a STAC approval on the DRPUB screen if the 10-month annualized cost is more than $3,000 below the district’s threshold.
  • Chapters 47, 66 and 721 Placements (OPWDD)
    For July/August Chapter Reapplications, please utilize the DRCSM screen
    For September-June Chapter Reapplications, please utilize the DRCHP screen
  • § 4201 Education Law - 10-Month Placements
    For September-June § 4201 Reapplications, please utilize the DRSSY screen

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Last Updated: June 27, 2022